Here at The So Soft Marshmallow Company we take marshmallow science incredibly seriously. For years we worked round the clock intent on inventing not just the yummiest, scrummiest marshmallows ever, but also the lightest, fluffiest and puffiest around. After endless days and nights in our underground sweets lab, our crack team of ‘puff-gineers’ – yes, that’s a real industry term, had hit a wall, not sure if they would ever crack the ultimate marshmallow code! Enjoy a softer, puffier marshmallow
experience with So Soft.

While on his lunchbreak, Gustavo, our top ‘puff-gineer’, sat looking up at the fluffy clouds floating by, desperately hoping for inspiration to strike, when high up in the sky a pink and white hot air balloon effortlessly floated by.

It was at that very moment Gustavo concluded that he’d never find the solution to puffier marshmallows, no matter how hard he tried.

He headed back down to the lab to announce his resignation when an idea struck him as if from nowhere. The answer had been there all along.The missing ingredient was a whole lot of sweet nothing.


They would gently puff extra air into each and every So Soft marshmallow, making them so fluffy, so puffy, so light and so dreamily irresistible, it would take the marshmallow world by storm.The only question remaining was, how would they get the air in there?

Now, rumour has it that we puff up our marshmallows using a tiny bicycle pump that was once owned by the world-famous travelling flea circus – the Banzino Brothers of Ballarat. But that’s simply ridiculous, as everyone knows those Banzinos rode around on unicycles with flat tyres!

No, the truth is our marshmallow aerating methodology is far more scientific. And while we could tell you how we do it, we believe that some things in life should remain a mystery! So enjoy a better, puffier marshmallow experience with So Soft. And if after all this you still think we’re full of hot air, then well, you’d be bang on!

Henry M. Mallow Henry

The So Soft Marshmallow Co. is proudly Australian Family owned and operated in Ballarat, Victoria. We are committed to delivering the lightest, fluffiest and puffiest marshmallows you’ll ever pop in your gob.

Ultra-puffy goodness.

What makes So Soft Marshmallows so special is that each and every one of our irresistibly soft mallows are air-puffed to perfection. So whether you’re toasting them, dunking them, whipping them or smashing them into your mouth by the fistful, do yourself a favour and choose the lightest, fluffiest, puffiest marshmallows around.